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Pantiles are a series of tiles made with clay with the motive to overthrow the conventional idea that defines an object and it’s function. It aims to bring out the spirited side of the material.

Usually terracotta tiles are used for roofing or covering the walls.This collection tries to sneak beyond the seemingly obvious and provoke interaction between the space, object and user.

PANTILE 1 is a small patch of the roofing tiles that are inverted. The little gap between the two rows gives space to stick things such as receipts and medicines.


PANTILE 2 are simple tiles that aim at provoking interaction of the viewer with the background wall. It tries to create a harmony between the positive and negative instead of masking the wall fully.​​​​​​​ The design of the tiles allows many configurations.

PANTILE 3: The design of these tiles is derived from a typical vase squished from the shoulder, keeping the snout intact. These tiles can fairly bear weight and the snout can be used as hook to hang things.

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