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Once shaped everyday lives of ancient civilizations- from utility vessels to craft, toys and hedonic legacy, clay is now used to produce broad span of objects. However, the character of this material as yet is deceived by fragility and brittleness, outweighing the evident potential that clay as a medium holds.


“VERSA-TILE” (/ˈvəːsətʌɪl/ adjective able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions) is an assemblage of handmade tiles that questions the role of a Tile in our evolving societies. In a bigger picture, it deliberates on an innate desire to break the conventional idea of a material and its function. The design of these tiles is derived from a typical vase squished from the shoulder, keeping the snout intact. These tiles can fairly bear weight and the snout can be used as hook to hang things. The hexagon form of tiles not only contemporaries the design but also provides liberty to customize the composition according to user’s need. These tiles provoke interaction between the space, object and user by going ‘off the wall.’

As an aspiring designer I strive to bring a movement in the global design Scenario. Through VERSATILE I challenge the stereotypical grounds that hold back any material from optimum performance.

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